Mystery at Frankenstein Castle

Time is of the essence as you and your newly formed team are transported to the authentically and adorned castle laboratory from which Victor Frankenstein has mysteriously disappeared on a terrible, stormy night. And so sets the scene for an evening of interactive entertainment as you, yourself, take part in the Mystery at Frankenstein Castle. With only one hour to solve the plethora of scientific riddles that litter the laboratory, the collaborative efforts of yourself and the rest of your team are more than put to the test in order to revive the lifeless body that remains covered beneath a sheet, in an exhilarating race against time before lightning strikes the facility...

Brighton Science Festival 2016, 2017, 2018,
Brighton HorrorFest 2016,
Guildford Fringe 2016,
London Science Museum 2018,
Race for Science, Cambridge (segment for charity event) 2019

Mystery at Frankenstein’s Lab was a puzzle room style experience and a highly successful part of the Frankenstein Festival. The audience, in groups of up to 10, had to solve puzzles to acquire body parts and complete Dr. Frankenstein’s creature. The experience spoke to the festival’s key aim of engaging people with the moral and ethical ramifications of creating life. And many of the puzzles were solved through scientific knowledge and reasoning.
192 people experience Mystery at Frankenstein’s Lab, of those who took part in the evaluation 76% rated the experience as ‘very good’ and 89% as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.
Visitors comments included:
“I feel it was fantastic”
“It was great, especially the actors”
“It was perfect.”
“[I enjoyed] How inventive the show was

Pippa Hough, Science Museum

The expert characterisation combined with the suitable design of both set and props succeeded in achieving a truly immersive experience that would be sure to brighten up anyone’s evening…Mill Goble’s efforts in getting a scientific professional on board resulted in carefully-crafted clues that were conveyed in layman’s terms to accommodate all those who take part in the Mystery of Frankenstein Castle...a definite must-see.

Oliver Lugg, Broadway Baby (****)