RawTransport – Electrick Village

In need of a fast escape? Tired of the same old day-to-day routine? Want to become a founding user of the latest technology in human travel? Then join the creators of RawTransport™, a top-of-the-line travel company that can take you ANYWHERE for ANY REASON.

Just place one of our TourGuide™ headsets on, and you will be whisked away to exciting destinations where you can touch, taste and even smell the virtual world around you.

“At twenty minutes running time the show is brief, but intense – I left wishing I had been able to try the show in both roles, spectator and traveller, to get the full experience of RawTransport™, a highly experimental, distinctly novel, top-of-the-line virtual travel company that’s definitely still in beta, may contain some glitches, and should be approached with caution – especially by those inclined to get lost in the experience.” – Daily info. Read full review.